We are a real estate collective that is hospitality led for the flexible economy.

Property Management

The story behind the foundation of our company

We manage every aspect of a property on behalf of our partners. Our role is to develop, create, manage and deliver service propositions and connect the building’s operations to the right audiences in order bring out the best in both people and place.

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Property Fit out and Design

We thrive to do meaningful design work for our clients

We believe that design plays an integral role in the customer decision making process. As such, we tailor solutions and intent with a number of different partners in order to achieve a design narrative geared towards the target market. Informing and being informed by this narrative, we’re able to harness our collective’s network to manage, direct or facilitate our partners’ design visions. 

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Tech Platform

A bespoke data insight tech platform

Our in-house built tech platform successfully quantifies hospitality. This means we can essentially measure the immeasurable through carefully considered key performance indicators such as occupancy rates, revenue, expenses, and customer satisfaction ratings.

The platform allows asset managers to stay informed on key performance indicators in real-time, empowering them to make informed decisions based on data.

An asset management dashboard for measuring performance

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